Try a stag weekend in the capital of beer - Prague

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Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, which also makes it the capital of beer, as the Czech's are the world's biggest drinkers of the lovely stuff.

Aided by Prague's booming tourism it was calculated that Czechs drank 155 litres of beer per head in 2008 and while that figure has dropped in 2009 it still puts them out in front in the beer drinking league table. The silver and broze medals go to Ireland and Germany, while the UK was down in 6th.

The best known Czech beer is the original Pils beer, Pilsner Urquell, brewed in the town of Plzen and is exported worldwide. It is closely followed by another exported beer Budvar - from where the American Budweiser takes its name.

Staropramen also comes from the Czech Republic, but if you are here for a stag do you'll want to try plenty other beers for the first time, and you will not be disappointed.

A Prague bar crawl or a trip to a brewery is a must for lads on a stag party and when you get back England you'll never want another Carling of Fosters again.

After a dirty weekend? British hotels have taken it literally

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A poll of the dirtiest hotels in Europe has not made pleasant reading for British hoteliers as eight out of the top, or should that be bottom, ten were based in Britain.

The survey was carried out by TripAdvisor, which may go someway to explaining the depth of British entries, but nonetheless it does strengthen the arguement to head abroad for a stag weekend.

The dirtiest hotel 'award' went to the Grosvenor Hotel in Blackpool, while the Park Hotel in Victoria, London, came in third.

One guest of The Grosvenor Hotel claimed he could only see Blackpool's iconic Tower landmark at night when it was illuminated due to the depth of grime on his seafront hotel window.

“Spent one night at the Grosvenor Hotel and one hour would have been enough,” explained the guest.

“Don’t even get me started on the bathroom. I have seen cleaner public toilets and that’s saying something!"

Meanwhile, “FishyDave” from Chester thought the hotel might be acceptable to someone wanting to pay £25 on a stag night, although that is probably not meant as a ringing endorsement.

Here is the top ten European hotels of shame in full:

1. Grosvenor Hotel, Blackpool

2. Villaggio Club Porto Ainu, Budoni, Italy

3. Park Hotel, Victoria, London

4. Boston Court Hotel, London

5. Cromwell Crown Hotel, London

6. Dam Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

7. Corbigoe Hotel, London

8. Earls Court Gardens Hotel, London

9. Blair Victoria & Tudor Inn Hotel, London

10. Minster Hotel, York

For more information on this story check out the Daily Telegraph.

Try World's strongest beer on Glasgow stag weekend

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A bar in Glasgow is the first to sell the World's strongest beer - a 40 per cent German brew named Schorschbock.

The West brewery and bar on Glasgow Green are selling 25ml of the German brew for £10.

Fancy including this on your glasgow stag weekend?

Read the full story here.

When stag parties go wrong

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Stag parties are meant to push boundaries of sense and logic, but there, as with everything, has to be a limit. We are often hearing stories of when stag parties go wrong and it is sobering.

If you are planning a stag weekend and know that you and members of your group are capable of going over the top then make sure there is someone who can keep hold of their senses and help ensure the party doesn't end in disaster.

This has come to our attention with the news that a Chorley man died after he fell from the back of a moving van he had climbed onto during stag party ‘high jinks’. Read the story here.

There is also a story of a man in Yorkshire that headbutted his best friend while suffering from excesses on a stag party.

For more light-hearted stag and hen nightmares there is an page devoted to them on The Sun's website.

We could also find a number of stag weekend's in Europe that went wrong, as the local police forces did not take kindly to their drunken and wild behaviour.

Be safe and be sensible on your stag weekend!

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Budapest is the cheapest stag weekend destination

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The Hungarian capital Budapest is the cheapest destination for a stag weekend, according to a report published from Post Office Travel Money.

It is the second year running that the historic city of Budapest has topped the list, which is calculated by adding together a basket of commonly purchased goods.

The goods used in the survey were a bottle of beer, a cup of coffee, a postcard, a meal out and some sun lotion.

Hungary, along with Thailand and Bulgaria, came out the bill of under £40, while in comparison the bill in France would have been above £70 and in Brazil above £100.

Stag weekends in Budapest and elsewhere in Eastern Europe have been popular for some time due to the low cost of goods and services.

Nadine Hallak, spokeswoman for Cheapflights told The Telegraph: "Brits are heading in the direction of Eastern Europe en masse. Our viewer searches show a massive increase in interest for the region, with Dubrovnik, Warsaw and Prague seeing the biggest rises for flights."

Mud Wrestling Stag Weekends

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The Slovakian capital of Bratislava is home to one of the most entertaining stag activities, which can ensure a weekend away is remember for the rest of your days. We are talking about mud wrestling!

Mud wrestling consists of gorgeous women grappling with each other in bikinis while covered in slimy mud. It is difficult to explain why this is so sexy and appealing, but it is! It is fun to watch and strangely seductive.

But the best thing about this experience is that the girls love to include the stag in the action, out of the kindness of their hearts of course. He, of course, will get very muddy, but also taught a lesson or two by two feisty ladies.

This promises to be an experience that will not be forgotten in a hurry.

The top stag weekend organisers, such as Stag Web and The Stag Company include this activity in their Bratislava stag weekend packages.

Try the Centurion Challenge on your Stag Weekend

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Before we proceed with this drinking challenge idea we would like to remind you all that calls to drink responsibly do apply even on a stag weekend. If you can do this then give this tough challenge a go and prepare for a messy, yet rewarding experience.

The Centurion Challenge is simply, drink a shot of beer each minute for 100 minutes. Everyone assumes this easy, but it is not. If you work out that it is roughly four pints you will assume this will be a walk in the part - think again.

Somebody, particularly someone that doesn't drink, is in charge of the timing and on each minute must shout (and once you get rowdy shouting really will be necessary) 'DRINK' and everyone must then take their shot of beer. Refill the shot glass and wait for 60 seconds to pass and do the same again.

Due to the air consumed with each gulp the effect is enhanced from that of casual drinking, so after an hour you will feel tipsy, bloated, but determined to reach your ton.

To make matters interesting a forfeit should be introduced for anyone that misses their shot, such a shot of something a little stronger. This will really sort the men from the boys.

This drinking game is a surprisingly cheap way to get everyone in the mood for a fun night out, although there will always be someone that impersonates a fire extinguisher as they foam from the mouth.