Mud Wrestling Stag Weekends

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The Slovakian capital of Bratislava is home to one of the most entertaining stag activities, which can ensure a weekend away is remember for the rest of your days. We are talking about mud wrestling!

Mud wrestling consists of gorgeous women grappling with each other in bikinis while covered in slimy mud. It is difficult to explain why this is so sexy and appealing, but it is! It is fun to watch and strangely seductive.

But the best thing about this experience is that the girls love to include the stag in the action, out of the kindness of their hearts of course. He, of course, will get very muddy, but also taught a lesson or two by two feisty ladies.

This promises to be an experience that will not be forgotten in a hurry.

The top stag weekend organisers, such as Stag Web and The Stag Company include this activity in their Bratislava stag weekend packages.

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The actual Slovakian money regarding Bratislava is home to just about the most enjoyable stag activities, that may make certain any few days apart is don't forget for the rest of one's times.The best uk site stag nights ideas

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